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It Pays to Have a Side Hustle

Learn how to start and grow a profitable side business alongside your full time job


I'm Collins...

I've taken my time to learn, build and grow a profitable side hustle. And I'll be helping you do same

"With a side hustle, you earn money without quitting your job (that’s why it’s called a side hustle you know)"


No Tricks. No Bullsh!t.

You’ll only learn exactly what’s worked for me, and countless of my students.

Here's what they have to say

If you want to start a side hustle from scratch; with no idea nor skill, there’s ONE person to follow: Collins Akaniru. He’s one of the few people in the space that actually walks the walk.

Mayowa Abbey

Collins taught me how to create an online store and start dropshipping. He’s smart, his lessons teach you exactly what you need to get started and achieve results

Anna Chiwendu

Meeting Collins has really been a blessing. Glad to be part of his community

Funmi Adeleke

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Honestly, I’m not a business expert or all-knowing guru


I’m not even an authority at all that much.

But I do know what I’m great at.

And that’s 2 things.

Building a Profitable Side Business

Learn how to start a side hustle and grow it to profitability in a matter of months.

Over the past 8 years, I’ve grown my side hustle to become a trusted brand both online & offline and have successfully grown my revenue too.
I've also launched tons of experiments and share the experiences of my own journey.

Graphic Design

Join Creativ Calling Studio to help you create a graphic designs that POP!

Since 2000 we’ve delivered everything from branding and visual design to materials creation. No matter the brief, each client of mine enjoys service tailored specifically to their needs.


It Pays to Have
a Side Hustle

"With a side hustle, you earn money without quitting your job (that’s why it’s called a side hustle you know)"

If you’re looking for easy tips to make a quick buck, you won’t find any of that here.

This community is for people who are here to hustle and build a meaningful business.

For people who are willing to work hard to bring your vision to life.

To summon small moments of courage and push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

For those of you who know you’re meant for more than just a mindless 9-to-5.

If you’re ready to commit to building a business that gives you the lifestyle you want, this is for you.

Casual Business Meeting

The fact is nearly anyone can take an idea and make it profitable if they’re thoughtful, strategic, and realistic enough. I want to help you earn more money on your own terms.

While you can absolutely settle for your salary and make the best of what you have, while hoping you'll get a raise, or a promotion or maybe another job with higher pay.

But what if there is a better way? Imagine if you could earn more money without changing jobs or getting that raise/promotion you’ve been praying for.

What if you could actually give yourself your pay rise during your free time? What if there is a way for you to build a second (or third or fourth) stream of income to supplement your full-time work?

What if your ticket to earning more money and ultimately achieving financial freedom can’t come from your boss, but only from within? What if your best bet is a side hustle?

The fact that you're reading this right now means you're ready.

But starting a side hustle isn’t some get rich-rich-quick scheme. I'm not asking you to quit your job to sell hairs or beauty products on Instagram, or open a store with borrowed money.

"With a side hustle, you earn money without quitting your job (that’s why it’s called a side hustle you know)"

So many of us are sold on the idea of quitting our jobs to become entrepreneurs. But the reality is, most of us have no desire to become an entrepreneur; we just want to earn more money.

Entrepreneurship, even in the form of side hustle to complement your 9-5 job, can provide a useful hedge against economic uncertainty, help you in your journey to earn more money and a way to develop new skills & competencies.

My aim here is to provide a proven process for anyone who wants to create a new source of income without quitting their day job. There is no downside to a side hustle. There are only benefits to building more than one source of income.

There are several reasons why people start a side hustle. Whatever your reason is, I can help you get started and turn your side hustle into a sure source of income.


The Benefits of Hustling On the Side

So, you might be wondering "what are the perks of hustling during my spare time?"

I’m sure you definitely love your job. You’ve got a great boss and colleagues, and the pay is definitely great.

But you’re over there at your desk working the daily grind.

You’re obviously there; your boss and colleagues can see you, but are you there mentally or you’re somehow fantasizing about a new job, a higher pay, starting something on your own or just having more time and more money?

Chris Guillebeau’s book explains it all:

“ A side hustle is more than just another stream of income, it’s also the new job security. When you receive paychecks from different sources, it allows you to take more chances in your regular career.

More income means more options. More options equals freedom. You don’t need entrepreneurial experience to launch a profitable side hustle. You don’t have to have an MBA, or know how to code, or be an expert marketer. You don’t need employees or investors.”

What you do need is an idea, some time, and the determination to see your dream through to the end. If you can make it work, the financial rewards can be well worth your time.



Beyond just teaching you how to start, I'll also teach you all the skills you'll need and help you set-up your business.

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