Welcome to Side Hustle Post, a unique blog here for you to explore. Side Hustle Post has added such value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with my loyal readers. Read on, and enjoy.


I started sidehustlepost.com to help you accomplish two things…

1. Start a profitable side business that can replace your day job.
2. Optimize your existing side business to boost profits and save time.

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The Creative Hybrid

Collins Akaniru

What is it that fuels you? For me, it's the connections bring people together and attract people to brands. Aside from helping brands develop winning strategies through innovation and design, I love writing about my passions, what interest me, what interests others, and sharing all of my thoughts with my readers.

Side Hustle Post is truly my own little passion project, gaining more and more traction each day. I hope you enjoy browsing my site and all of the unique content I have to offer. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover what fuels you as well. Read on and enjoy!

Collins Akaniru is a creative hybrid living in Lagos, Nigeria. He's currently a freelance designer at Creativ Calling Media, where he's helping companies connect customers to their products/services through strategy and design.

​At Creativ Calling, we’ve been helping brands develop and define their voice since 2015. The times may have changed, but our love for creativity and problem-solving hasn't. We’re driven by technology and innovation to ensure we fulfill our key mission of helping our clients find their successful future. Get in touch so that we can kick start your branding today and make your brand POP loud & clear.


"The main objective of this community is to help and empower those who are stuck in a day job but dream of building a personal business."


I'll be talking a lot about starting a side hustle

This community is for people who are willing to put in the work in building a profitable business.

If you’re looking for easy tips to make a quick buck, a template for creating a drop-shipping business, or advice for exploiting random market opportunities,
you won’t find any of that here.

This community is for people who are willing to work hard. To do whatever it takes to bring your vision to life. 

If you’re ready to commit to building a business that gives you the lifestyle you want, this is for you.


Let me help you start & grow a profitable side business

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Side Hustle Post

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