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The fact is that competition is good for business, but at times your competitors might be better at some activities, tend to take customers away from you and even make acquiring new users more difficult.

Competition shouldn't be something that ignites fear. The fact that there are other players in your space validates that there’s a market for what you offer. It means that there are methods out there that work.

The competition is here to stay. Analyzing your competitors (both strengths and weaknesses) shouldn't be an option. It should be a necessary part of your growth strategy.

To achieve success doing this, you need to first consider what exactly are you looking for, what tools to use to get the information you seek and how you plan to use the insight gathered for your business growth.

There are several categories of competitor analysis. But since we live in the age of internet, it is the best place to start snooping around. Therefore we’ll focus on how you can know what your competitor(s) is doing on the online space in terms of their:

  • SEO and web traffic

  • Social media

  • PPC and ads

  • Blog content

Here are 8 online tools that you can use spy on your competitors:

  1. SimilarWeb - helps you compare your site with a similar/competitor's site. You can find out their monthly traffic, which channels bring the most visitors, and specifically where these visitors come from.

  2. BuiltWith - Ever seen a competitor's site and wondered what technology they use to build and sustain their website? This tool tells you exactly that. Primarily tells you what a website is built with

  3. UberSuggest - this shows you their search traffic, how much organic or paid traffic they are getting per per region. it also shows you their popular pages, keywords they rank for, the positions, how many backlinks and even how many social shares.

  4. Buzzsumo - this focuses purely on blog contents. it shows all the popular piece of blog contents.breaks them down by backlinks and social shares

  5. SocialBlade - your competitors are out their on social media. this will show you how popular they are on social media. it will show u how many followers they are getting on a daily basis compared to how many post per day.

  6. Google Alerts - This is a very simple and easy-to-use tool that will send reports right to your inbox every single time your competitor is mentioned online. You can monitor keywords as well. It’s up to you what you want to track.

  7. SEMRush -This specializes in competitor data (completely free). All you need do is visit the homepage and type in a competitor’s website and immediately get information regarding organic keywords and rank, ad keywords, and traffic.

  8. Hootsuite -This integrates with more than 30 scial media networks to provide you tracking social media analytics. Simply note your competitors and then set up streams to track their social media activities. You can also keep track of specific keywords and hashtags.

But be mindful not to copy exactly what they're doing. The knowledge gained should guide you in creating a strategy that'll help you crush their strategy.

To give yourself a unique edge, Use multiple sets of the tools I've shared here to get data from different sources and connect the dots to view the big picture.

One last bit of advice;

Stalking your competitors isn’t a guaranteed ticket to achieving growth. It is the ability to strategically use the insight gathered that will place you in a position of strength

What tools are you currently using to spy on your competitors that are not on this list?

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