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Become a Global Figure and Earn a Life Time Deal as a Travel Blogger

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Do you know you can actually become a Global figure and earn a life time deal by just being a Travel blogger?

I know what you are thinking...

"What does this guy mean?"

"Is it that simple?"

"What's the big deal about Traveling and writing an article about it?"

"Do you even have a prove of someone that become a global figure by being a Travel blogger? "

Now let me burst your Bubble.

Do you know how big Tourism is, you probably might haven't thought about that or you might even had a clue based on what you've heard or seen in Dubai. Almost everyone wants to visit Dubai apparently because of what we heard or seen on the social media, from friends or family.

Well.. Dubai is doing well like you've heard but I want to open your eyes to being a Global figure that people consults by just documenting an article online about the places most people has never heard before or never being to.

Now let me give you a clue how big tourism is and what it will become in the next few years.

Globally, travel and tourism directly contributed approximately 2.9 trillion U.S. dollars to GDP in 2019. In the same year, the United States' travel and tourism industry directly contributed the highest amount to global GDP, with a total of 580.7 billion U.S. dollars.

So what's the future of Tourism? Tourism is predicted to increase in the future. The number of international tourists is predicted to increase by 3.3% per year up to 2030, reaching 1.8 billion tourist arrivals. Although all areas are set to grow, the fastest growth will be in emerging economies in Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

I can see your face right now, you be like sh*t, can this be true.

You can actually Google it, if you don't believe me..

By now I'm sure you'll be like guy how far tell me how to tap into this money, you are talking too much.

Now let's get down to business.

How do I become a Global figure and earn a life time deal by just being a Travel blogger?

Let me tell you about the first Black woman that became a global figure being a Travel blogger...

Jessica Nabongo is a Ugandan-American travel blogger and brand influencer. She is the first black woman to have traveled to every country in the world. On October 6, 2019 she had arrived in her final country, the Seychelles.

Jessica is one of a perfect example for me because she's a black woman not that I'm a racist or something but I feel every black person can easily relate with her stories.

I'm sure by now you are still wondering how is that possible...

It's simple my dear. Follow Jessica foot steps..

Start with the local tourist attractions in your state, document your experience and post it on your blog and social media.

If you are consistent about it, trust me you will be the Next Jessica nabongo... Click here to learn why you need to start right away and how to get started.

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