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Become an Influencer: Tourism Agencies Need a Brand influencer Like You

Tourism Agencies need a Brand influencer just like you.

Have I told you that you can make money with your little influence?

Now I tell you what...

Tourism is the fastest growing industry which makes it number 10 in the top ten Global biggest industries by Revenue.

My point is tourism is big enough for all categories of people to make money no matter how small it is... 2020 there was list that was released by IBIS World in regards to the Global Biggest Industries, some industries might crash in few years to come and if you are smart, you can start positioning yourself for the future.

The 10 Global Biggest Industries by Industry Revenue for 2020

1. Global Life & Health Insurance Carriers - $4,894,8B

2. Global Pension Funds - $4,221,0B

3. Global Car & Automobile Sales - $3,978,6B

4. Global Commercial Real Estate - $3,963,9B

5. Global Oil & Gas Exploration & Production - $3,325,4B

6. Global Car & Automobile Manufacturing - $2,976,5B

7. Global Direct General Insurance Carriers - $2,580,7B

8. Global Auto Parts & Accessories Manufacturing - $2,500,4B

9. Global Commercial Banks - $2,341,0B

10. Global Tourism - $1,703,3B

I guess You are surprised the industry you belong to was not among the lists.

Don't take it personally, I'm telling you, I am surprised too but I'm not surprised though **lol.

How to Become a travel blogger and Make Money Blogging

I want to believe that we can not all go into entrepreneurship, to me entrepreneurship is a calling and if you are not called don't bother. But I tell you what, some of us can be intrepreneur which is called SIDE HUSTLE, that's the reason why you are reading this article right?

Now what's the connection between Brand influencer and Tourism?

We have several Tour Agencies that need people that can help them introduce their Trip packages to their friends and family.

What do I mean by this?

Some of us actually have a strong personality, we are people's person, we have friends everywhere, people are naturally loyal to us, families can go to any length just to see us happy, we have loyal followers on social media. We are like a golden child everyone wants to have around.

If you are like this, you're the one I'm talking about and if you're not just keep reading I have a package for you too. Every one actually needs to be a people's person to make the world a better place.

Tourist agencies need a person like you to push their trip packages to your loyal friends and families which they are willing to pay you some percentage from the trip fee. Isn't that cool, is just like using what you have to get what you want.

Become a Global Figure and Earn a Life Time Deal as a Travel Blogger

So how can you go about this?

You can start with one tourism company and your results will attract other Tourism agencies.

It's simple and direct.

Contact me if you want me to link you up with a Tourism company.

And for some of us that are not peoples person, you can actually learn it. I feel we all need to be peoples person if you want to succeed in life.

Contact me too for a session on that.

Michael Bright


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