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Become Your Own Boss and Start a Freelance Career in 2020 With These Skills

Economies around the world are changing, and this has also led to changes in the way businesses execute projects/tasks. There is now heavy reliance on freelancers and contractors for one-off project as well as continuous projects as freelancers can be relied upon to deliver high-quality work for less cost compared to hiring a full-time employee.

The gig economy is on a continuous rise as a result of this shift in the way businesses complete tasks/projects. That means there's a lot of work out there for freelancers, you just have to know how to take advantage and be among the earners.

But better late than never right?

Regardless of what your core competency is — from book keeping to graphics design, it is time to take your passion and turn it into a high-paying freelance career. Even if you don't have any skill you could trade with at the moment, there are lot of online platforms you can learn from.

Here are 5 online skills that could make you over 6 figures annually working as a freelancer. They are easy to start and requires little to no capital. And you can learn all of them for free using Google or YouTube.

Google SEO

Ways you can utilize this skill to make money

  1. Help bigger and smaller companies to rank on Google

  2. Start a Google SEO agency

  3. Sell a course on it

  4. Drive traffic to your own e-commerce store, affiliate blog or website

  5. Offer your service on third party freelance platforms like fiverr

Social Media ads

Ways you can utilize this skill to make money

  1. Run campaigns for bigger and smaller companies

  2. Drive traffic to your own online business (could be a blog, YouTube Channel, an affiliate program among others)

  3. Start a social media marketing agency

  4. Sell a course or become a private mentor teaching others how to do it

Graphic Design

Ways you can utilize this skill to make money

  1. Do your own graphic design and grow a following on social media

  2. Teach others how to do it by selling a course (or start a YouTube channel teaching others how to do it)

  3. Do graphic design as a freelancer

  4. Start a graphic design agency

Web/App Development

Ways you can utilize this skill to make money

  1. Help small and big businesses to build their own app or website

  2. Create apps/websites and sell them

  3. Create your own app/website

  4. Teach others by selling a course or starting a blog/YouTube channel

Email Marketing

Ways you can utilize this skill to make money

  1. Do email marketing for other businesses

  2. Run your own online business and focus on email marketing

  3. sell an email marketing course

  4. Create your own email marketing service

Examples of email marketing services: Mailchimp, Aweber, Sendinblue, Getresponse, Constant Contact

If you have been wondering where and how to get started, these are top suggestions to help you. It's important you learn and keep learning these skills. That's how you grow and also increase your value.

I'm always available to help out and feel free to add yours in the comment section below.

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