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Corona Times: Making Money from Content.

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Hey guys, how’s the curfew going on your end? You can send a reply to let me know.

I have been working almost all day, for an introverted extrovert like me, this is super fun! Minimal human contact and almost limitless time to work and still get to make money, just wonderful!!

I have been thinking about how I actually have this easy, not everyone would know how to make money in times like this, so I decided to help with a few tips on how to make better use of this period to boost your business or craft and get more clients.

This period is actually very crucial for freelancers and businesses because a lot of people would be looking to contract work and a lot would also be looking to be hired, so how do you reach out to those who need your services?

The following are ways in which you can get more clients in this period based on increased internet activity:

  • Run ads on the big four social media:

Running ads on the big four (FB, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn) is the basic first step anyone should do in this time, it is just simple logic, the more people use the internet, the higher the likelihood that you’ll find someone willing to use your services. My friends from Mindcrest Media wrote an eBook on how to get this done on FB; check that out here

  • Crack down on Freelancing sites:

If you are not yet on a freelancing site shooting shots at clients then what kind of unproductive shots have you been shooting, the time to find people looking for more work to be done by freelancers online is now, there are tons of freelancing sites.


4 Best Freelance Sites to Find Your Next Gig as a Freelancer

These sites help you take away the stress of marketing yourself on social media and waiting for clients to reach out, they basically show you the clients and you reach out to them to offer your services, capeesh!

  • Put out industry-specific content:

This part is very very dicey, you want to put out content that positions you as an expert in the industry, you also want to do it in such a way that you can make the best impact, I checked up two creators on Domestika ( a Spanish learning platform) one of them did a basic tutorial in how to use Photoshop and another did a tutorial on typographic kinetic animations, guess who had more views? The Photoshop guy, he had over 100k students on the course, while the Kinetic animation guy had about 1k thereabout, not to say one is of lesser importance than the other, but you need to know exactly what your goal is in putting out content and then mapping that to the kind of content you put out.

If you are going for maximum profitability, I would not suggest you put out Kinetic animation course, unless it would be premium at a higher price, not the same price as someone putting out an entry level course. Apart from courses other avenues you can put out content include a blog, a newsletter, an eBook (paid or free), a podcast or even a YouTube channel. All these are ways of gathering an audience and getting them to pay you for what you know, which you have spent years training to know by the way.

  • Start a podcast or YouTube channel:

Now this is separate as it is content creation but on platforms where you get paid per view on your posts. Starting a YouTube channel or a podcast can be one of the best ways to make more money and increase your income stream.

Last year PewDiePie, a YouTube creator that streams himself playing games made over 13 million dollars doing so. So it is not a very hard thing to do, it just depends on what kind of content you intend to put out.

The only bar to starting a YouTube channel or podcast is that you need to set up and buy recording gadgets, which sometimes are not necessary with the right smartphone, google recorder works almost as fine as any entry-level microphone I have seen so far, and it actually reduces the amount of things you have to plan for to start. Creating a podcast can be done via anchor.fm and it can be amplified via twitter or other social media platforms.

So now that I have gone through all the different channels, I have to drop this disclaimer, all the channels mentioned take time to grow, you have to invest your time to providing the best tot people, make them laugh, make them money, make them better people or make them smarter, you just have to provide something they know they don’t already have and you have to provide it in the best way possible to them.

If you want to grow fast and scale fast, target the early learners cos this is the time people are looking to learn something, looking to start something new, Instead of targeting bigger clients for design work, work on a price ladder (Mochievous spoke about this here) and use that to entice the high earners, the beginners and to increase your chances in making the most of your content creation choices.

Now that I have spoken about the channels in which you can expand your reach, it is time to talk about increasing the quality of your content; 

Step 1: Have a target audience: This is very important as if you do not have a specific person you are talking to, you would be wasting your time talking to everybody and not everyone can be reached since you are operating on a tiny budget (if you have any sef) you are not Pepsi or Coca-cola, focus on a small part of the market and try your best to provide solutions for them.

Step 2: Have a defined content theme: Now you have a target audience, what do you want to tell them, what do you want to show them? You have to be consistent with this, with a theme, you cannot just jump and start talking about how to cook fang soup to a New York stock trader audience, you have to be sure what you are communicating resonates with what they want to know, are you communicating to drivers, talk about road signs and how to identify short cuts and read maps, are you talking to designers, get on their emotional side and pitch design tools against each other (this is evil but so am I, but Idc, lol).

Step 3: Keep Doing more: By our nature, humans get tired of things pretty quickly, you have to keep switching it up, keep things kinky for your audience, let them see different sides of a subject, different sides of a project, work on a centralized theme for a project and break it down from different angles, if they don’t understand from angle one, they would understand from angle two. It forces them to keep their minds open and positions you as a professional with full knowledge on the subject matter.

The great part of this is that putting content out and yourself out there helps you provide solutions for people and once you do, you become the default person that they meet when they need to find solutions, you become that guy/babe that can provide solutions to their problems.

Now I have a question for you.

What do you think is the best way to put out content?

Which would you be using?

You can send your reply to (badejoseun1@gmail.com) or you can just start the conversation below

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