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Working a Full Time Job? Here's How to Use it to your Advantage

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Working a full time job can be difficult for many people, and as a result of this, people often find themselves desperately trying to start businesses so that they can LEAVE their full- time job.

But when you start and don’t have proof or case studies, it can be challenging getting clients and closing sales.

So you might have to start thinking how to leverage your full-time job to build experience/case studies to get started with your business. Or find a way go work your full-time job while running your business by the side and seeking for paying clients as well as offering free/pro bono services (Though this is not the focus of this article, but this provides you some sort of financial security from going broke due to lack of paying clients)

Now the question; 'how can you use your job to your advantage?'

Experience and case studies are key when building a service-based business.

What is it that you do today or good at? This will be your service when you start your business. If you were hired to do a job, chances are you are good at what you do. If you are a social media marketer, your company probably needs your services and consulting. The same applies to project managers, designers, programmers, researchers, assistants, coaches, speakers, etc.

You're probably thinking "but I don't work in the unit that handles such services for my employer" or "but my employer outsources this service." It's easy, just talk to your boss/colleagues and let them know you're good at this and also make sure you're good at it (or keep learning and improving while waiting for a shot). And I tell you, it will come.

Here is how it usually comes.......

They probably need a quick help getting things all set up, or maybe a little tweaking or just need someone to temporarily fill-in. And in that brief moment my friend is when you show you're good. If you get it right, trust me you'll keep getting such opportunities and guess what (yeah you guessed right); you're already building up case studies and gaining field experience.

If you maximize the little opportunities well and are lucky enough like me (winks), you even get to move to the unit that actually requires your skill(s). And BOOM! that's it.

By doing so, you'll instantly get a credible case study for your business, you'll be able to practice your skill without being under pressure and also have access to a higher resource which aids in practicing and getting better.

All the while, you'll be moving one-step closer to owning a successful business without even having to leave your job to do so. Considering the importance clients place on experience as well as previous works done before hiring.

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