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How I Turned my Customers into Marketers for my Business

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

How to make your customers market for you

It is very possible to turn your customers into marketers. 

Did you know that customers believe what other people say about a brand than what the brand has  to say?

You need brand advocates. Having  brand advocates increase your social proof, your customer base, and the demand for your products.

Jay Baer describes a brand advocate as a “volunteer marketer – a customer that proactively uses their time and social capital to promote a company or cause.”

Imagine what you can achieve if you actively engage your most loyal customers as advocates for your brand.

Your customers can be your brand advocates, and here is how to get them to that stage:

  1. Have a great customer service: People often remember how you make them feel rather than what you say to them. If your service is bad, no one would recommend it to someone else. You need to be attentive to your customers' needs and personalize each user’s experience.

  2. Ask for feedback: Make it a habit to always ask for feedback from your customers. Include feedback in your customer service process. Once you get feedback from your customers, you can turn those feedback into promotional materials and use them to market your goods and services on social media or your website

  3. Exclusive access and discounts: Giving your existing customers exclusive assess to your new offerings makes them feel appreciated. This then makes them feel like they know some things others don't know, and they will be happy to share. Giving them discounts also makes them feel rewarded for purchasing from you.

  4. Affiliate marketing: This is a system of offering platforms a percentage of amount for marketing your products on their channels. For instance, you can give your customers a percentage of the price off a product once people click the link in their bio to shop your products or link on their websites.

  5. Referral system: similar to affiliate marketing. Here, you can offer a discount system when a customer brings another customer they get a certain percentage of money or discount on their next purchase. Indirectly, they are marketing for you and selling your products.

  6. Re-share your customers content : For instance, if you sell clothes and your audience send you pictures of them wearing your clothes or tag you online, reference them. Once you get into the habit of re-sharing them, your audience will also get into the habit of sending you content or tagging you. Indirectly, they are marketing for you as they keep sharing your content.

  7.  Create useful content : Why do most of us repost some content? We repost because we find the content useful. Did you know that as you repost other people's content, you are indirectly marketing their brand for them? So as your customers.

No doubt, your customers are your greatest allies.

If you give them a great product coupled with remarkable service, your job is half done.

Simply provide your customers with a transformative experience, and they’ll return the favor.

What strategies are you using to get your customers to market your business for you?

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