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How to Become a travel blogger and Make Money Blogging

Now let me give you a clue on why and how to start your blog.

Some 67 million tourists visited Africa in 2018, representing a rise of 7% from a year earlier, making Africa the second-fastest growing region when it comes to tourism, after Asia Pacific.

African countries are now reaping the benefits from positive policy changes coupled with increased investments in the sector, that have made it a more attractive destination for tourists.

In Ethiopia, for example, relaxing visa restrictions while improving flight connectivity has seen Addis Ababa transformed into a regional transport hub, even overtaking Dubai as the world’s gateway to Africa.

This has resulted in Ethiopia becoming Africa’s fastest growing travel country, growing by 48.6% in 2018, according to Jumia Africa Hospitality report, Business visitors' numbers in particular have received a boost from business-enabling reforms from some governments that have seen the potential in diversifying the sector.

Kenya, Rwanda and South Africa have undertaken initiatives to position themselves as locations for conferences and exhibitions. You can see that a lot of people are not paying attention to Tourism yet in Africa.

Let me give you a vital information about how you can make it in a flash through travel blogging

Tourist cities like Dubai, Paris, London, Rome, Hong Kong, New York, Moscow, Seuol. Etc are not new to people, we can easily access information about these places with the help of Internet. Thousands of bloggers has written several articles about these places.

You know what, most people from other continent don't have access to information about Tourist attractions in Africa because most of us in Africa are not paying attention to this, we rather focus on entertainment, sports and some other things.

There are several hidden tourist attractions in Africa, our countries, our states, our communities that we can leverage on as a blogger. You and i both knows that Africa is endowed with Natural resources.

As a Travel blogger you can start in your community by documenting valid information about Tourist attractions, imagine millions of people searching about Africa and your blog pops out, that's one of the fastest way to the top.

Tourism industry is the new crude oil in Africa, people from other continent wants to tap into our wealth of natural resources and the easiest way you can benefit from this is by positioning yourself into the future.

Africa is the future and the future is Now.

Becoming a world class travel blogger lies on the information you have and how you present them, that's why you need to pay attention to my tips on how you can get what you want through blogging.

Tips on how to get started

  1. Find the perfect name to suit your personality. Choose something descriptive.

  2. Get your blog online using platforms like Wix or Wordpress. Just sign up and get started

  3. Design your logo (there are lots of logo design apps out there or hire a designer)

  4. Customize your blog by choosing a free template and tweaking it.

  5. Learn how your blog's dashboard works.

  6. Write & publish your first post. The fun part!

  7. Publish your posts and go live. Get more people to read your blog.

  8. Start building your audience and making money!

Just having good contents doesn't fully guarantee success, ability to build a simple and beautiful blog for your audience is a major determinant for success.

If you are not familiar with Web design, I'll advice you to go for online class like YouTube for better understanding. It's actually a vital skill you need to know.

Or you can take the easier option of hiring a developer.

Let's keep the conversation going.

Are you a travel blogger and have any useful tip you might want to share?

Let's hear it

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