• Collins Akaniru

Introducing The Bank of the Free for Nigerians - Enjoy Free Banking with KUDA BANK

Dear Freelancers and other hustlers alike, I bring you great news.

Now you can eliminate all constraints to getting paid by foreign clients at zero cost.

Kuda is designed for your smartphone, free of ridiculous charges, and great at helping you carry out both foreign and local transactions as well as budget, spend smartly, and save more at low to zero charges.

If you're a freelancer that usually goes through third parties in order to withdraw your funds from Fiverr or other similar platforms.

Or you find it difficult to receive payment from foreign clients.

Or if you just want a better and hassle-free banking.

Then worry no more. KUDA is for you.

Whatever you want to do with your money, you can do it from the app better and hassle-free.

With KUDA BANK, you don't have to lose funds to third party vendors anymore as you can now create a free Payoneer account and easily convert your money to Naira without losing a cent.

You'll also get a free DOMICILIARY ACCOUNT in Dollars, Pounds, and Euros respectively with top international banks at zero cost.

Cool right?

I know 😉

I've tried and it worked.

Now I can withdraw my Fiverr funds easily 😉

And guess what, I've also got an account with Barclays Bank


  1. https://kudabank.com/GetKuda and join with this code: GNKTDNUA

  2. Sign up via the Kuda app. It's quick and easy!

  3. And start funding your account just the same way you would with your traditional bank

  4. To receive payment in other currencies, you will need to link your KUDA with a Payoneer account (see steps below)

NB: you can also choose to use it on a desktop. But remember to join with this code: GNKTDNUA

To Link/Create a Payoneer Account

  1. Launch the app and sign in

  2. click on more (click on Account at the top-right if you're using the desktop version)

  3. Select Linked Accounts

  4. Click on Link Payoneer

  5. Sign In if you already have an account or Sign Up to create a free account

  6. Follow the prompts that follow to finish the setup

You will also get an ATM Card upon request

Feel free to chat with me if you need any assistance

Join me, set yourself free.


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