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Post COVID-19 Business Era: Why Having a Relevant Digital Skill is Vital For Survival

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Are you ready for the largest shift we are about to witness?

Social distancing. Virtual meetings. Self-quarantine are words that will remain a part of our vocabulary. Even long after the pandemic would have passed, we'll keep hearing and using them daily.

The pandemic has far reaching implications. The stock market has witnessed its highest turmoil in history. The U.S. wasn't left out as it saw the largest job-loss report ever. We are in precarious times, and how long we will remain in them remains uncertain. However, there is one thing that seems certain, and that is that this outbreak will change the lives of everyone for years or decades to come. As well as businesses.

The same will be true of the COVID-19 aftermath. Are you ready for the largest shift we are about to witness?

Many people that work in nonessential businesses — including things like retail stores, hair salons, warehouses, factories and offices — had their brick-and-mortar locations offices closed and witnessed first-hand the importance of being digitally inclined as they did not have the technical tools to survive with their physical locations shut down.

With this evident reality, many businesses are ready to make the leap into digital. It's critical for for you to be able to not just survive but thrive through enhanced digital/relevant skills to serve your customers/employer.

Things like e-commerce, VR/AR, Cyber security, virtual meetings, chat-bots and mobile applications are in greater demand than ever.

These are trends that already started prior to the virus outbreak and will only become more amplified as we continue in this new decade. Preparing for this trend goes far beyond having a university degree.

Things like digital brochures, digital business cards, tutorial videos and enhanced website information will all follow in this trend and become necessities as businesses find it more difficult to physically hand materials to their customers.

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Lastly, with these unavoidable shifts in how we live and do business — there is an even larger need for persons with the relevant digital skills. You need to be ready. You need to skill up.

These skills will be relevant not just in 2020, but likely well beyond. Making decisions and positioning yourself now for these changes in the business world will make sure you are ready and at the forefront of the new remote, digital technology revolution.

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