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Winning Tactics During Corona Virus Outbreak: Best Ways to Promote Your Business and Yourself Online

The widespread of the corona-virus (Covid-19) outbreak is in truth affecting many businesses, as lots are being forced to seek alternatives of continuity or close to survive the crisis.

In times as sour as this, it is duly right and fair that one makes amends or seek alternatives for betterment and not just survival especially in terms of the marketing efforts. Moreover, it is known that any true businessman advances and improve their businesses in times when others cry at the downturn of things.

One should be focused on seeing opportunities in every problem, this is one of the qualities which makes businessmen and investors successful.

According to a survey made by the Young President's Organization (YPO), it was said that "The world business leaders expect a decline in business within the next 6 months but are very optimistic that it will come back to normal within a year".

Therefore, productive measures need to be put in place. Here then, are a few things that could help even an average entrepreneur/businessperson beat the times and avert a fallback in business:

Leveraging on Giant Techs:

Prior to the breakout of the virus (Covid-19) and the subsequent lock-down, there have been firms and companies whose identity and rank were already established in the online business world.

Companies like these do not only beat the times but also profit greatly even while in the worst seasons and situations. And one way of beating your odds as a beginner or semi-expert in the field is to leverage on their already attained glory (say Amazon).

You could use this period to learn how Amazon works and how to benefit from its well-established business and marketing structure. There is a piece I have also published about the “Four Pillars of Amazon Success and how to thrive in any market” you can read more here: https://packagingnation.org/what-you-need-to-survive-and-thrive-in-the-market-the-four-pillars-of-amazons-success/.

Also, there are other online firms to be leveraged on at this period to sell your products which include: Jumia, Jiji, Olx, and some other local entities.

YouTube is another viable option when it comes to uploading video contents, you only need to make short video clips about your products and services with their specifications and relevant information which will help the potential customers to make the decision of buying your product.

Social Media Marketing:

The outbreak has completely disrupted many business operations, now technology adoption and remote communication will be the way forward according to him- Nelson Loh (Chairman Novena Global Lifecare, Singapore).

Social media marketing has therefore been deemed fit as one of the ways of continuing business practices. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram will be a nice way of getting the message about your products and services out especially during this pandemic where people have more time to be online.

At least, 1.7 billion active users have been reported for Facebook with most of these people also using Instagram.

Once you have an account created on any of these platforms, you can easily create Adverts to reach out to more clients faster and better.

If you are new to running Adverts on Facebook or Instagram, you can grab a copy of my book “The Untold Digital Profit Secret” where I have explained all these things in detail, click here to get your copy: https://packagingnation.org/grow/.

Also, there are other platforms like Pinterest, WeChat, WhatsApp (this requires the contacts of your clients), and more that can also be used to market your business. Using these mediums, one can successfully reach out not just to his own customers but also potential clients from far and wide.

Handling of transactions remotely:

Fred Mouawad (CEO Synergia One G.O.C) in his discourse with CNBC says, "Recommended businesses should try to embrace remote work opportunities to maintain the smooth running of their business operations".

Considering the corona-virus outbreak, and in a bid to maintain safety for both oneself and clients, most businesses that are still running their operations offline are having problems keeping up with client needs and expectations.

This is a good opportunity for you to take the benefit of running business operations online, this may include opening an online store where they get to order and have their products shipped to them (this will help even after the pandemic).

Shopify lite, for example, could make it easy for you to continue selling goods online during and after the pandemic. The world, in general, has been shifting to the online marketplace and it is important to be aware of these developments.

Moreover, many businesses that were not previously ready to sell their products online may be facing the reality that e-commerce could be the most valuable option for the future (which is now).

5 Best Ways you can Make Money from Home with Zero Money

For an online business with a target of a reasonable return on investment (ROI), e-commerce websites are the best option. Shopify lite could provide a good option for businesses looking to sell goods quickly online.

Building relationship with clients:

As a business person, one should have the contacts of all existing and potential clients. This will aid in maintaining communication with them during what even seems like the most challenging time.

A good way to make this happen is by embracing email marketing and leverage on all its benefits. Platforms such as Mailchimp and Aweber can be very good even for beginners. Using these means, you can relate with each and all your subscribers asking after their health and safety amongst other things.

This will let them know you are not just concerned about selling to them but also looking after their overall well-being. Also, this can be helpful in knowing their needs either now or after the corona-virus outbreak (opening new business opportunities for you).

This will help to keep existing clients while gaining new and helps to know who you still retain as a client and who is not during these challenging times. You can learn more about how to launch effective email marketing strategies in my book here: https://packagingnation.org/grow/.

Taking relevant actions:

Consider giving time to a touch of online advertising. Does your website need a refresh? Have you been thinking of setting up your social media accounts (for yourself or business)?

How about the relevant hashtags strategy to reach the right audience on these platforms? Or do you want to make a YouTube video about your product or new business idea? Assuming this is the case, this may be the ideal time to share your work and ideas with everyone.

If you're battling with social detachment at home, at that point online life may likewise help with that—giving you an approach to associate and connect with the right people.

Following the outlined ways, one can ride the storms of rocky situations and still come off unscathed. It is really "The place of any businessman to understand the times and tides in his line of work, and to make preparations when necessary". A lock-down or downturn in business is merely an opportunity to seek out new methods for success.

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